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Eating Elephants

Just as I’m sitting here thinking that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, I give myself a good slap and remember that I’ve handled way worse than this in college! I’m well-practiced at eating elephants, and this elephant is nothing compared to some of the ones I’ve eaten in the past (cue traumatic memories of the week my comps was due…*shudder*)!

Yes, I’m still behind on my GRE studying, and being that the test is only 25 days away now, this is unacceptable. So I’ve taken my long weekend (oh hey, you mean holidays exist at this school?) to do a lot of catching up. I’ve been watching movies (Titanic, Enough, Titanic again) in the background while I mindlessly make the hundreds of vocabulary flashcards that I’m behind on, and later I’ll spend a few hours with the tv off and actually study them. And look, I’ve even found some time to blog a little!

I’m eating this elephant one bite at a time. Making a dent in my flashcards is one bite. Studying them later will be another bite. Getting back to my actual test prep tomorrow will be another bite. This is good progress, indeed. But it does nothing to mitigate this panicky feeling that I have….but that’s okay! It’s this panicky feeling that I’m almost out of time that is what’s going to get my ass in gear and into crack-down mode. 25 days. 25 days. Less than a month! And only an additional 15 days until the psychology test after that! Oh my oh my…..

Time to get back to work, I think.


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